Darlingside: Extra Life

One of the songs that Darlingside performed (as an encore) was Extra Life. It’s funny because recently… I’ve been listening to this album more. But I’ve taken to skipping this song, so that I can get to the second track, Singularity.

After hearing them perform this song live, though? I’m enamored with it and listening to it in a very different light. I liked it a lot more, and like it a lot more, after having heard this in person.

I’ve found myself paying closer attention to the harmonies, and finding myself enjoying this song that I’d quickly move past, just a week or so prior.

Their voices are great. And it’s difficult to describe just how enjoyable it is, to hear the instruments kick in when they arrive at the second verse. They really are incredible, live.

Darlingside @ North Shore Center
Darlingside: Singularity

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