WTF Amazon Ads

Something happened recently, though I’m actually not sure exactly when this happened. But apparently, the Amazon ads I have on this site started to appear as larger footer-based ads. And they take up a good portion of the screen!

This is definitely way more intrusive than I ever wanted. And I’ve not really seen much from the Amazon ads. So it’s definitely time to get rid of these guys.

Should be a matter of tracking them down in the various WP templates. It’s on my list, but may not get around to it for a few more days, yet.

I guess – just know that I’m annoyed, and they’ll be gone soon. I’d still love to find some kind of way to monetize this site… but clearly, these ads are no longer acceptable. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a referral link page, that links out to the various products/services that I actually use.

Future stuff. Feels weird that this just showed up out of the blue, but will get rid of it soon. Blegh.

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