Playing Pandemic

Liz and I like board games. But I think it’s more appropriate to say we like “basic” two player board games.

For us, I think the rules of more complex games is a bit intimidating. Mandala is a really fun game, but it was a bit challenging for us at first… as we got our heads around the rules.

I’ve seen Pandemic around for a long, long time. It’s one of these classic board games that I’ve heard tons about, but never played. I’ve debated purchasing it several times in the past, but the rules always intimidated me… and I held off.

A few weeks back, I ended up going to our local toy store and finally bit the bullet. I looked over the instructions, and got comfortable enough with things that I decided I wanted to try to experience what this board game was all about.

Slowly going through the setup.

Things are… getting real. Liz and I played an intro two-player game, with our cards face-up.

The fun thing about Pandemic is that it’s a cooperative game. So we’re not fighting against one another, but rather trying to work with one another to rid the world of these various/random diseases.

We did… ok, but it became clear (as the cards dwindled) that we were going to lose. I think it will be interesting to see how our strategy changes, the more we play this.

FYI, I looked online for several tutorials on how to play. And I found this video to be the best guide/primer. It’s a bit lengthy, but covers all the rules (and potential contingencies) in a very straight-forward manner. It’s a lot to take in (we paused a good deal), but it also got us up and running fairly quickly/easily:

Pandemic Reminder

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