Felix Jung, 20×2: What Did You See?

Had a fun night at 20×2 Chicago, with a new venue: Gman Tavern. The question was: “What Did You See?”

For those not familiar with the format, 20 presenters are invited to participate. Folks can answer the prompt however they like: show some slides, sing a song, do an interpretive dance. The only hard rule is that they must answer the question, in two minutes or less. It makes for a very interesting evening.

Below is my presentation for the event. And I’m including a few other videos that I really enjoyed from the evening. Take a look:

Robert Loerzel, documenting a very surprising resident of Montrose Beach. The presentation is great, but the audience reaction is just as great.

Erin Watson, talking about a fantastic three word poem, and how the act of noticing helps shape the world around us.

There are a lot of additional videos on the 20×2 Chicago YouTube page, from this evening’s event as well as prior events. A ton, actually. Lots of great stuff to look through (and each video clocks in at 2 minutes).

Definitely go take a look. And if you’re in the area for the next event, definitely swing by and attend!

A Night Out in Wrigleyville: 20×2 at Gman Tavern, Late Dinner at Mordecai, Dessert at Jeni’s
Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Who Cares?
Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Is It Possible?

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  1. Loved this, Felix. Well done (all three of you).

    Brian Reply

    • Hello old friend! Lovely to see your words, and hope you’re well. You’d be a great presenter for this event – definitely would encourage you to add your name for a future date, if you’re interested.

      avoision Reply

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