Yard Work, Interior Work

House day today – Liz was working in the yard, and I was inside helping Bob (who was working on our AC/HVAC).

I started the day with a run to Lowe’s to pick up several bags of mulch. But after that, I mostly shot between inside/outside, trying to help out where I could. In both places, Liz and Bob were the primary folks doing the work… and I just tried to assist as best I could.

Liz, getting some plants in the back yard. With her magic floating shovel.

One task that I had: level the bird fountain. This guy is something we found in our backyard right when we first moved in. And we’ve kept it back here, ever since.

Plants, situated.

Early evening, showcasing the work.

Liz, taking a rest on the lawn… after a long day of digging and planting.

Inside, Bob had brazed the AC line from the basement to the second floor. And secured some pipes to the basement joists.

We moved the dryer out of the way so he could do some of this work. And as we put things back, we ended up re-seating the appliances on top of some drawers.

We’ve had these drawers in wait for a while. One is an actual drawer, but the other (underneath the washer) is actually a smaller washer, called a Sidekick. Meant for smaller items, or things like delicates or sweaters.

Setting up the Washer
Setting Up the Dryer
Pouring a Housekeeping Pad in the Back Basement
A New Old Bird Bath

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