House Day: Plants and Furnace

House day, today. Liz was outside working on the backyard, back porch, and plants… while Bob and I were working on the second floor.

A lot of the indoor plants (that had been situated in the living room over the Winter), relocated and out on the front porch.

I was helping Bob on the second floor, getting things situated for the furnace room. A lot of prep and placement and measurements, with more work to come in the coming week to finalize things. We’re looking to put up walls (and maybe drywall) next week, so that we can tie everything in officially.

Late in the evening, Liz was finishing out the day power washing some of the planters that sit at the base of our front steps.

I can’t help myself: every time I break out the pressure washer, it feels to me like I’m putting together a sniper rifle. And soon after, anytime I see it being used… I hear the “pew pew” sounds in my head. I’m a five year old.

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