ChatGPT: Plugins and Browsing, but no Code Interpreter (Yet)

Found out today that I’ve actually got access to the Browsing and Plugin features, for ChatGPT. Tried out a few things, and ended up asking it about the type of content on my site/blog. The answer was… fine. Not great, but a decent summary of the most recent posts.

But the thing I’ve been most excited about… I still don’t have access to: the Code Interpreter plugin Outside of exploring what’s possible with plugins… I’m looking to do a little research into how plugins are developed.

I’ve got the idea of a game (it’s an idea I’ve had for some time, and the advent of AI has made it a bit more possible). But so far, using OpenAI’s API has one glaring drawback: it has no notion of “memory,” at least not in the way that the web UI has memory.

Having a conversation (where ChatGPT remembers prior questions/answers/topics) can be done through the API, but the cost would be pretty high. You’d need to constantly funnel back the conversation history with each request. That gets burdensome, annoying, and expensive.

I’m not sure how the web UI handles this. Perhaps there’s a lot of info getting sent back and forth under the hood.

So instead of a standalone site/project that hits the API, it may be possible to create the game as a plugin. I have very little practice with Python, so we’ll see how far it goes. Still though – excited to try.

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