Hyde Park Garden Fair, Preview (2023)

I was out running errands at the end of the day, picking up some medication at the nearby Walgreen’s. On my way home, I realized the Hyde Park Garden Fair was setting up, in preparation for their first day (tomorrow).

As I passed by, I spoke to one of the organizers/staff and learned that people could browse… but nothing was being sold until tomorrow, 9AM. They have a security guard keeping watch, but people could wander in/out of the area.

On arriving home, I told Liz and got her to come back to the shopping center with me to go take a look. She’s mostly good with the plants she needs for the backyard… but there’s always room for more plants. My suggestion to her was for us to browse, to see if she might want to show up early tomorrow to grab anything.

A view of the space. A lot more tables than I remember.

Liz, perusing the wares.

I’m no gardener, but the plants looked incredibly lush – incredibly healthy. Liz told me she could tell that some plants were seemingly cared for by individuals. It was our theory that many of these plants were grown by individuals, before arriving here for sale.

Looking at roses. Always looking at roses.

Browsing various hanging plants.

I really was quite impressed at the selection, and how healthy/vibrant everything looked. Having gotten permission earlier in the evening from an organizer, we were walking around the place seemingly on our own. It felt like a private preview, just for us.

Fun tidbit: one of the shop owners saw me, and asked if I knew I looked like Steve Aoki. And asked it in a way as though to silently ask “But you’re not him, are you?”

Everywhere I go. Even when I’m home.

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