Painting the Planters

After work today, Liz was working on getting some paint on the planters at the front of the house. She power washed them a few days ago, and with them now dry… they were ready to get a bit of paint.

Of note: Liz has been getting into Linseed Oil Paint, and was using this for the planters. And also making good use of some of our takeout containers.

My rough understanding is that with Linseed Oil Paint, a little goes a long way. Despite that though, Liz only had a very small amount… and needed to order more.

But she was able to get enough of the planters painted to get started, and to be able to put some soil/plants inside. They look really nice after this first portion of paint… looking forward to seeing these guys completely repainted and refreshed.

House Day: Plants and Furnace


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