Light Removal, Light Install

Two different tasks today: I was working on removing an old light/fixture, while Bob was busy working on prepping where the new ceiling light would be (for our first floor).

An old light, where the electrical had been disconnected long ago. Of note: that middle pipe is a gas line, a throwback to some earlier time when this light was likely powered by gas.

A view of the light.

I was able to cut the gas pipe, and to remove the light (without breaking it). Got this guy out to the porch, so I could clean him up a bit more.

Scary interior. I can’t believe we used this light a few years ago.

Just a little dust.

Bob was upstairs in the office, prepping the outlet for where our first floor dining room light would be. As he used a hole saw to cut through the plaster and drywall, I was on a ladder on the first floor… catching all the debris in a bucket.

When we were done, I could see him through the hole… and was immediately reminded of a moment nearly a decade ago… when he was looking up from the basement. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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