Mattress Shopping

Big errand day today, with Liz and I visiting several mattress places. Our goal: to replace our (super) old bed with something new.

The two of us have been dealing with discomfort, back aches, and things we feel fairly confident are tied to our bed being super, super old. So Liz decided that today… we’d focus on going out, trying out some mattresses, and finding an official replacement.

Our first stop was MattressFirm in Wicker Park.

I’m convinced that this building used to house a Pier One, some 20+ years ago. And I’m equally convinced that I have some blog photos dating back to that era.

But so far, my searches have been unsuccessful. I wasn’t tagging posts back then, so the whole search process is a bit hit or miss. But I’m absolutely convinced I hae some kind of blog post, showing what used to be here… in this very spot, many decades ago.

Gotta keep looking.

Inside, we tried out nearly all the beds.

Liz, getting a feel for things.

If you’re wanting a sense of what this process was like, this is my view… when I was testing one of the beds.

Fast forward a bit to our lunch spot. We hit up another mattress company, tried out a few beds, and decided to take a pause for lunch at the Goose Island Brewhouse on Clybourn.

We got a few small beers to sample, along with some lunch.

We ended up going with a Tempur-Pedic bed, taking a bit of a gamble on it. We found a comparable box/spring mattress that matched what we currently have… but Liz and I both felt that a foam mattress might end up being better support. So we decided to roll the dice on a new type of bed.

Overall, the day was less unpleasant than I anticipated. As much as it was a chore/errand, I was trying to view it as a nice excuse for a date. A way to spend some time with my wife, while we were out and about.

Instead of asking “How soon can we be done with this and go home,” I tried to roll with things. And remind myself I was just hanging out with my best friend. Grabbing some beers, and talking about naps.

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