Belated Birthday Cake

Liz and I got a nice surprise this evening – a few slices of birthday cake, from our neighbors the Browns.

Bernie had his 93rd birthday yesterday, and the cake was from his mother’s family recipe. They had a family-only event at the house yesterday, but we were very touched to have gotten two slices of cake the day following.

Bernie and Carol Jean have been in the area for a long, long while. And are staple fixtures of the block. They were the very first neighbors to welcome us (with food no less), when we first arrived. They’re close enough to where we can wave to one another, if we’re out in the backyard working and they’re out back relaxing on their porch.

Liz and I are looking forward to wishing Bernie a belated happy birthday, and to raising a glass together soon.

Surprise Pie
Dinner with Bernie and Carol Jean
First Home, First Day

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