fanclubwallet: Car Crash in G Major

Adding to my “I liked this song at one point, and forgot about it” list: Car Crash in G Major, by fanclubwallet.

This seems to be the only song I know of them, but I’ve enjoyed listening to it on repeat the last few days. Here’s a fun video:

I was driving when the airbag popped
and knocked sense into me
I was crying when the shrapnel hit
and cut out part of me

I’m reminded a bit of Sidney Gish. It’s a very short song, and incredibly upbeat, despite the rather dark lyrics.

It’s been fun to randomly play through my “Liked Songs” list, as I’m discovering a lot of new things. A lot of new odl things, apparently. That I liked once upon a time, and like again.

Sia: Snowman
The Mathematics of Murder: Autonomous Robots and Choosing Who to Kill
A Proposal to Tune the World to F: i am robot and proud

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