Daisy, Flowers

Daisy has had some “problems” with her hind area, for a while now. Things have gotten a bit out of hand, and tonight we decided to give her a bit of a span night. Mostly, this involved an old litter tray, some warm water, and a butt bath.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t quite happy with us.

We were able to dip her in a few times. And Liz and I traded off, trying to comb out some matted fur and to cut what we could. We made some good progress, but it took a long, long while.

And after we were done, we tried to use a blow dryer to dry off her hind quarters. Another lengthy process, almost as long as the actual cleaning. Still, I think we made some good progress.

After Daisy’s spa treatment, we walked around the backyard for a bit.

Liz, admiring some of her roses.

What a nice looking arbor.

The roses growing alongside the arbor are really starting to shine.


I forget what this guy is called, but Liz has several of these in the backyard.


Phineas Gets a Bath
Smelling the Roses
Painting the Arbor

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