Bunny Guard

As we were sitting on the back porch, Liz pointed out that this rabbit was pretty content to just sit in one spot. In fact, it was cleaning itself for a long while… but ended up just plopping right there, on the border of our neighbor’s yard.

Liz theorized that this was a momma bunny, and there was a warren nearby she was protecting.

A bit later in the evening, I was out watering the plants. I was dragging a garden hose to/from the driveway… and got pretty close to the rabbit. And she didn’t move an inch. I was quite surprised how close I got.

Here’s hoping the kids are warm and safe, and have a good hiding spot until they’re ready to emerge.

Discovering a Warren of Baby Rabbits in the Backyard, Frankfort, IL
A Warren of Rabbits: Artwork by Ian Rogers

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