A Spontaneous Backyard Tour

Tonight, I was near the front of the driveway… pulling back the hose after doing some backyard watering. A trio of people were walking by the front of the house, and told me that the backyard was beautiful.

This happens often, though usually it’s comments about the front yard. But the sequence is the same: folks see all the pretty plants and flowers, and if I’m out… compliment me on the work (despite the fact that it’s all Liz).

I said as much this time around, making my standard joke about taking credit for my wife’s work. But I was surprised that they were talking about our backyard, which isn’t really that visible from the sidewalk.

They mentioned they could see portions of the backyard down the driveway, and that’s what they were complimenting. After a beat, I asked if they were interested in walking back to take a look. And almost immediately, the gentleman I was talking to gave out an enthusiastic YES!

Next thing I know, we’re all walking down the driveway. Liz hears the commotion from inside the house, and ends up walking outside to say hello… and to do an impromptu tour.

The folks walking lived somewhat nearby, but walked around our street from time to time. It was Seth, an older woman named Bonnie, and a woman named Laika (not sure on the spelling). Laika mostly walked with Liz through the yard, and I stayed on the driveway with Seth and Bonnie (who was using a walker, and wasn’t wanting to go into the yard).

When everyone was talking with Liz, I overheard several questions/compliments. Seth asked if Liz did landscaping professionally. And he also mentioned that our backyard reminded him of an English garden (Liz has been heavily influenced by Monty Don).

We had a lovely time chatting, and I do hope I get to see Bonnie, Seth, and Laika again in the future. It was fun to share our backyard with them, and it’s always exciting for me to see others recognize all the work Liz has done in the backyard.

A really fun, random encounter… and yet another reason why we love this neighborhood.

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