Father’s Day on the Lake

Another travel weekend for us, with a lot of leaving/returning to Chicago on the same day. Last week it was Indianapolis for Jasmine’s graduation party. Today, we were headed to Tim and Katie’s lake house, to celebrate Father’s Day.

On arriving, we got to board a very new (barely two days old) boat. Tim’s sister Jenny, and her husband Gil, have a house down the way. And they just got a new boat. Tim got to take us out on it for a spin.

While we’ve visited some in the past, we’ve never actually been out on the water. We didn’t end up bringing swimsuits, so we just got the chance to drive around for a bit.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant (which of course, has parking spots for boats). And then went out and about to the various connected lakes. I forgot how many there are, but the whole area is a series of connected lakes.

Most of them require boats to go no faster than 10mph. And there’s one where people can let loose (and go tubing, etc). But for the most part, it’s a pretty slow and relaxed speed.

After the lake tour, we got to sit around for a bit… and talked about the upcoming visit by the Ford kids (Liz and I are very much looking forward to that).

On our way out, we stopped by Jenny and Gil’s house, and got a quick tour of things.

Fun bit of trivia: Gil is a cofounder of Sprout Social, a company that Justin Siddons and Ben Lister went to, in its early days. And where I believe one of my old coworkers, Dan Ertman, is currently working as a Staff Engineer.

Small tech world.

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