Garden Breakfast

Lately in the mornings, I’ve gone out to the garden boxes to get the bunnies their breakfast. Usually we have cut up greens and herbs in the fridge (generally a mix of romaine, red leaf lettuce, and cilantro). But Liz has grown several lettuces in the boxes, and they’re getting close to bolting. So I’ve been trying to use as much as possible, before then.

It’s been a few mornings like this, and this new ritual feels remarkably nice. As the coffee is brewing, I’m out in my backyard… the air is still cool, with dew still on the ground.

An added bonus – Liz has a lot of sage growing as well. Which makes for a nice topper, for all the lettuces.

I think for anyone else watching me, they’d marvel at how I’m gathering fresh greens for my breakfast each morning. Little do they know that all this isn’t for us, and that our bunnies eat better than we do.

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