Christiana Lakehouse 2023, Day 2: Happy Hour and a Boat Ride

An outdoor cat that I think, either unofficially or officially, is Lauren’s cat (her name is Honey).

Some appetizers that Liz was preparing, firming up in the freezer.

Around 5PM, folks tend to just show up for an unofficial happy hour. Appetizers are made, and people just kind of appear. Life in a lake community is still a little odd to me, but it’s a lot of folks who know one another pretty well.

Food prep, with Uncle David prepping a line of martinis.

Folks hanging out in the backyard. Liz’s appetizers were quite the hit, and were gone almost as quickly as they were served. Though Sebastian might have had something to do with it.

Uncle David, prepping several racks of ribs for dinner.

Dinner is served!

After dinner, several of us went out on the boat for a quick spin. The kids were out earlier in the day… but there was a suggestion to go to “the cove” just to hang out.
So we went for a leisurely drive, near the end of the day.

I really like this shot. It has the look of a Renaissance painting to me.

On the way back, Audrey got to drive us back (with Brandon supervising).

Oh Captain, My Captain!

A nice moment in the kitchen, late in the evening: Liz and the Ford kids.

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