Christiana Lakehouse 2023, Day 4: Indoor and Outdoor Games, Fireworks on the Lake

Liz, writing down some notes. We used part of our time today to make rough plans for our “Chicago Day” with the Ford kids. We had a really fun and action-packed day last year with them, and wanted to do something special again this year.

We did a lot of planning quietly, and had to make sure to keep our voices down anytime the kids were nearby.

Happy hour and dinner time in the backyard.

Playing a few rounds of corn hole.

A few of us relocated over to “The Barn,” for a few rounds of pickleball. Darby and Sebastian were on a team.

Audrey and Liz on a team.

Liz, Lauren, and Darby by the old swing.

Bob, walking back with the kids.

While I’ve gotten to see the fireworks from land before, tonight was the first time I got to be on the boat.

Loading up…

Looking back at the gathering chairs and people, getting ready for the show.

Audrey and Paige, fireworks.

Both Sebastian and Audrey spent part of the time actually in the water.

Fireworks with reflection.

Darby and Lauren.

Brandon, Natalie, and Reid.

Paige under the fireworks.

We were listening to “American Pie” as we pulled in to the dock. There’s nothing particularly exciting going on here, but it was a really lovely moment that I wanted to capture: Don McLean’s voice in the dark, as everyone slowly made their way off the boat.

Stayed up a bit outside, hanging out with everyone at the table. I ended up tapping out around 1AM. Happy Birthday to you, America.

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