Clue Prep

As part of our big Chicago Day with the Ford Kids tomorrow, Liz and I had some things to prepare. We spent a lot of yesterday and today figuring out our “clues” for a scavenger hunt we had planned for the morning.

After work, we got things printed out and tucked into envelopes.

The clues were mostly like this. I had a super hard time writing them, because I haven’t written much lately. And for whatever reason most of the clues felt like they needed to rhyme. And I was putting a tremendous amount of pressure on these couplets being well written, instead of… you know… clues for a silly game.

One embarrassing thing: I totally got this clue wrong. The last line should been clockwise, not counter-clockwise. Discovered this during the process with the kids, which was not ideal.

One of my favorite clues.

In total, we had nine clues going from place to place. And a victory letter for each participant.

It’s been a busy, exhausting, social, active few days. Liz and I have both been getting excited (and then sleepy) off and on, since the end of the work day. Really looking forward to tomorrow.

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