Furnace Room and Drywall

Helped Bob today, as he was working on our furnace room on the second floor.

We’ve got studs up that define the room, and spent our time cutting up some fireboard and putting it up in that small space.

Realizing I never quite took photos of this setup, so here’s what the room looked like before we started.

Difficult to see, but this is looking at the furnace room from the second floor office area.

Up until now, we’ve had two different access points to this part of the house. With this furnace room now officially drywalled up… we only have one way in/out to the office area. I was describing this as us “going the long way around” from here on out.

While it’s still tentative, it’s nice to have this section of the second floor a little more walled off, a little more contained. We’re not going to get AC up here in time for this summer, but the goal is to have everything running in time for winter.

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