A New Faucet

We started to notice small drips of water, under the sink, over the few weeks. And then things got a bit more, and a bit more… to the point where we realized we needed a new faucet.

There was nothing wrong up top… but somewhere under the sink itself, there was a small bit of water leaking out (occasionally)… and it was enough to pool up a bit on the floor.

The new new temporary faucet.

The task of replacing the faucet was pretty straightforward, and easy enough to where I didn’t struggle too much. Now how quick I was is another matter entirely.

It’s possible I did a “Home Reno Walk of Shame,” by having to go to Ace Hardware not once but twice to find the proper line. In replacing the faucet, I realized I was about an inch short… and needed to buy another line. And then on arriving home, I realized I had gotten the wrong connectors (I got a 1/2″ to 1/2″ when I needed a 3/8″ to 1/2″).

So two trips later, I got things all set up. Until I then I realized I had the hot/cold lines reversed. So I had to undo/redo things.

I got there eventually. And probably took every possible permutation to get there. But so far, no more leaks. I’ll consider that a win. Albeit a very gradual one.

The Cabinet Sled
New Temporary Kitchen Sink

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