Daisy Flops

Daisy has had a few flops lately, which… is a bit unusual for her. She’s usually more reserved, and doesn’t quite go this hard down… or this much on her side.

I know that when rabbits flop, it’s a sign they’re comfortable and at ease. Usually wary of predators, flopping on their side means they’re not concerned and feel safe.

There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s Daisy’s age getting to her, that she just needs more rest on her side. Either way though, it’s still lovely to see. And to get the sense that she feels safe and at ease with us, in our house.

Daisy, flopping very close to Liz.

Came downstairs earlier, and spotted Daisy tucked on her side. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen her do this out in the open.

Usually, she’s perched on all fours like a Sphynx. But here she’s definitely on her side (though her ears did perk up slightly, on hearing me).

Daisy, Sleeping
Daisy is Hard Down
First Flop in a Long While
The Double Flop

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