Mudding and Taping the Furnace Room

It’s a Sunday, and Liz suited up to work on the mudding and taping of the furnace room. It’s a small space, and not really something more than one person can work on at a time.

She’s been wanting to improve her skills with mudding/taping. But even though it’s a small room, it’s a lot of work. She opted to use a slower drying mud, so the whole process (taping, mudding, sanding) happens multiple times, and is spread out over a few days.

The area was a bit dirty to begin with.

First layer down! Liz put in several hours, and really slugged it out up here.

Furnace Room and Drywall
First Attempt with Soundproof Drywall

Dining Room Cleanup, and the Ting Test

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