Mudding and Taping the Furnace Room, Continued

After work, Liz suited up again and put in a few more hours in the furnace room. The mud was mostly dry… but she was able to sand things down a bit, before going for a second round.

Careful work around the subpanel.

At this point… there may have been a mixing mishap. I ended up helping out some, cleaning a lot of the mud that splattered all over (and made its way down the stairs and onto the windows on the first floor).

Liz got hit, but luckily it was pretty low. I ended up suited up a bit, to help out with some sanding towards the end of the evening.

Mudding and Taping the Furnace Room
Furnace Room and Drywall
First Attempt with Soundproof Drywall

Dining Room Cleanup, and the Ting Test

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