Late Night Storm

Tonight was pretty magical. Most of us were hanging out in the living room, and Kirt said goodnight to everyone as he headed upstairs to bed.

About 20 seconds later, he came right back down and said “It’s amazing out there. I’m going outside.” And promptly walked out the back door and sat down in a lawn chair.

When Liz and I looked outside, we saw a ton of lightning – illuminating the backs of the clouds over the lake.

It was silent, but steady. Flashes of light every 10 seconds or so. And no ground strikes, no thunder. Just soft light, flickering on and off and on again.

We joined Kirt outside for a bit, but were getting eaten pretty bad by the bugs. So after a bit, Liz and I retreated inside to watch the light show from the back patio.

All told, this was an incredible show that we watched for a solid 30 to 40 minutes. It felt incredibly special, incredibly unique. And I loved that we were all able to share in this moment, experiencing this silent awe.

I don’t know how many more times I’ll see something like this in my lifetime. I’m hoping it’s more than this one time. But I will tell you – I’m happy I got this one.

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