Date Night at the Beach

There was a flurry of scheduling events, and a lot of people going in and out. Kirt ended up needing to fly to Detroit (to catch a plane to Canada, to meet a friend who was sailing in to Ohio). Anne needed to drive back to Detroit, to catch a plane to Vegas for a few days, before returning.

We had some time alone at the lake house with Grace. But tonight, she was working an evening shift (3PM – 11PM)… so Liz and I decided to take a stroll on the beach by ourselves (with Sandy in tow). We didn’t quite stay long enough for the sunset, but were out a good while in the early evening.

Setting up camp on a blanket, and a small thermos. That had more than water inside it.

Sandy, in repose. We were a bit worried about letting her off her leash, as there were other folks walking by (and other dogs as well). But she was incredibly well behaved.

We got to let her run free for a good while, and were able to stay together when we decided to head back to the house.

The shadows are getting long.

On the way home, we spotted some deer that were in a field along the driveway. They saw us too and were wary… but opted to watch us pass by.

We walked slowly, but also took our time to marvel at how close they were. A very quiet and calm end, to a quiet and calm date night on the beach.

Late Walk on the Beach
Las Catalinas, Day 7: Sunset Drinks at Casa Chameleon, Dinner on the Beach at Coco Loco

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