Game Night, Late Night

Anne returned from her Vegas trip (along with Jackson), and we spent a good part of the early evening playing a game called “Claws Out.”

It’s a fast-paced game, a bit like group Solitaire (on speed). I did ok… but struggled to keep pace with everyone else.

We played several rounds, and then ended up driving to a local ice cream spot for a late night dessert.

And then! After we got back, we got to sitting on the couch and just talking. We ended up visiting and catching up, and time somehow got away from us. At some point, Grace went to bed and Jackson came downstairs… and we all just kept on talking and talking. Telling stories, sharing stories.

I think that by the time we decided to call it a night it was close to 3:30 AM! Seriously!

What was surprising (to us all) was how easily and quickly the time just flew by. It didn’t feel late, it didn’t feel like a struggle – we just talked and shared, and the time just went.

I think a part of tonight was due to us trying to “catch up” some, given the busy schedules from this week. But I think it’s also a testament to how easily we all fell to talking, as the hours just slipped on by.

Definitely the latest I’ve been up for a long, long while.

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