Dim Sum with the Hutte Family, Sending Jasmine to Loyola

The Hutte family was in town for a big event: sending Jasmine off to college.

It’s incredible to me, mind boggling really… that Jasmine is now going to be off on her own. To me, it wasn’t that long ago that we were hanging out for the first time. It feels like she had just met Harmony the cat a bit ago. And that she just recently figured out how to eat a birthday cake.

But time moves so quickly, and I bet it’s doubly so for parents. I can only imagine what my sister and Shane are feeling. What my parents must have felt, when my sister and I began to navigate the world on our own.

All that aside, Liz and I were fortunate enough to join the Hutte family for a meal in Chinatown, before Jasmine’s official move-in to Loyola.

We met up at Ming Hin, in Chinatown – a favorite spot that we’ve all visited in the past. We ordered a little too much food, but I think that’s kind of what you’re supposed to do at Dim Sum. And while our parents weren’t there, they ended up paying for our meal from afar – a very Chinese thing to have done.

I wish I would have taken a few more photos, but this is all I captured. Still, nice to have had the chance to meet up with everyone, before the big day.

With Jasmine at Loyola, Kenny’s going to be attending the University of Chicago (his move-in date is in a few weeks). Here’s hoping we get to see a bit more of both of them, with everyone in the greater Chicago area.

Congratulations, Jasmine. We’re all so incredibly proud of you.

Jasmine’s Graduation Party
Dim Sum at Ming Hin (Chinatown, Chicago)
Saying Goodbye
Happy Birthday, Jasmine (2004)

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