Elmo as Prometheus

It’s the start of several hot days in Chicago (days where we’re hitting 100 or more). Despite this, I decided I still should try to keep to my running schedule. So I suited up, despite the stifling air… to make my rounds.

As I was warming up, I spotted this strange sight: Elmo, on the top of a car, held down by ropes, on his back and facing the sun.

For a moment, he looked to be a Muppet Prometheus, waiting for his inevitable fate.

As I got closer, it really was a silly, disturbing image. Given how hot it was, I could only imagine him being super uncomfortable. And on top of that, the fact that his mouth was open made it look like he was issuing forth a silent scream that no one could hear.

// Edit: Realizing this is not the first time I’ve seen Elmo around here. I’ve gotta believe this is the same Elmo I saw many months ago, by the tennis courts.

What is the story here? Was Elmo kidnapped? Liberated? Is the same family moving him around, like some kind of roving performance art piece? So many questions.

Found Elmo

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