Franklin Room: Scotch Malt Whisky Society, September 2023 Outturn

The SMWS tastings have been on hold for a few months in Chicago. Which has been disappointing. But they started up again this month, and Liz and I were looking forward to attending once again.

Seated at our table: Michael (who was next to Liz, and was very knowledgeable) and Max (who was next to me, and also very knowledgeable).

Max had previously worked at Jack Rose in DC, and was telling us about an annual event there (something for next year, perhaps).

While we were tasting, I mostly sat back and just listened. My taste buds aren’t quite as refined as Liz’s, but as I was observing everyone… I realized just how sizable the chasm is, between her knowledge/assessment versus mine.

I was listening to Liz opine about her thoughts on various drams. Everyone had their opinions, but as part of her guesses Liz would mention things like Sauternes casks.

As I watched and listened, it dawned on me that Liz really likes whisky and I just like to drink. I think my palette is getting better, but she’s really done a lot more research, paid a lot more attention to things. Watching her go back and forth with Michael and Max, she’s on a whole other level than where I am.

Fun night – and happy to be back in the swing of things with these Society tastings.

A random thing: on our way out, we ran into some familiar faces at a nearby booth (folks we had met during the December Outturn last year).

I remembered one or two of their names, and they were amazed. I had to pull up my notes (I try to write people’s names down, because my memory is terrible… and I try to record what I can). When I remembered their names and professions, I think they were all incredibly awed and asked if I was a savant. Hilarious, because I just took notes.

Liz also remembered that one of the men (Dave) had a great saying – that “Memory is state dependent”. I think he was pretty impressed that Liz remembered this little moment.

We didn’t have a ton of time to linger and chat, but hopefully next time. It’s odd to see (somewhat) familiar faces, but to only do so once every few months. I enjoy these tasting events, and it seems like we’re potentially becoming regulars. And slowly… very slowly, meeting some of the other regulars.

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