A Box for the Second Floor

I think of myself as a very slow software developer. And with that assessment, I should inform you that I’m an even slower builder of things.

We’re slowly building out the second floor hallway, and looking to frame the entrance to the office area on the West side of the house. This also means we’ll be building out a small closet area, that will exist right before the doorway to the office.

To accommodate this section, where we’ll have three doors in close proximity to one another (closet door, furnace room door, office door)… we’re going to extend the area for the closet slightly. And this involves a small box above the stairs.

Bob helped talk me through the piece, and how I should build it. I needed some 9.5″ boards, and the standard 10″ boards from Home Depot wouldn’t quite cut it. So I bought 12″ boards instead, and had to trim them down to size.

It took me a little while to figure out the right sequence, but I eventually got the pieces together.

Dry fitting this guy was a bit of a challenge. But I eventually got things situated well. Definitely got some cardio in, as I was walking up and down a ladder, holding this guy… and taking him up and down from the second floor to the basement.

I’ve got this thing pretty well secured. And I tested it slightly (but didn’t put all my weight on the guy yet). Bob says we’ll want to put some joist hangers on this guy (it’s code), so that’s a next step.

But for as bulky and unwieldy as this was, I think I got it fairly well matched. And pretty flush with the nearby floor joists.

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  1. Good job, Felix!

    Bob Reply

    • Thanks, Bob. I had some good help, from the drafting department.

      avoision Reply

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