Do Not Use

I’ve taken the Metra for years, and know that along some of the seats… there’s an outlet that you can plug into, if you need power for your phone or laptop or what have you.

While waiting to disembark at Millennium Station… I was looking down, and noticed this outlet.

Or should I say: this forbidden outlet. Which is off limits to us “norms,” but apparently is only good for the conductors.

I’m curious what this outlet is for, and what’s behind the door with the “480 Volts” sign. Is it possibly a hookup for some kind of cleaning device, a power washer or something?

Of course, I can’t imagine any passenger trying to use this without causing a lot of problems. But its placement, along with the warning, make me extremely curious. If it’s not for us to use, who is it for? What’s it for?

I Wonder What That’s For
Do Not Sit
Through the Metra Glass

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