A Night Outside, Aboard the Enterprise

A group of us are all watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds together. We met up to watch the first episode of the second season… and met up again tonight, to watch the last episode together.

Joe and Najwa have typically been our hosts, but they’re currently in the process of moving. Which gave us a chance to visit Mike and Michelle’s place again, for an evening watching the show outside.

Mike, setting up the projector.

Folks getting cozy around the fires, as the sun sets.

Captain Pike, who is fast becoming one of my favorite captains.

Group photo (taken by Michelle). Not pictured: Najwa and Fritz, who tucked in on the couch indoors and were watching E.T. together. Note quite Star Trek, but still space-y. I think it counts.

We had a fun time hanging out, catching up a bit over dinner and getting our Trek on. And we also ended up watching an episode of the Lower Decks, as a bonus.

It’s incredibly fun to see all these folks, and the time just flies by when we’re together. We were there for 4 or 5 hours, but it felt like one. A sign of good company, when the time moves like that.

We had to bow out around 9PM, with an hour’s drive ahead of us. But I could have easily stayed around another 4 or 5 hours. Fun, fun time.

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