This morning, I was doing my usual run – going by the lake and then circling back into Hyde Park proper.

As I was running near Promontory Point, I happened to see several people running along a path that bordered Lake Shore Drive. It looked like a race of some kind, and I half-wondered if it as some kind of local 5K.

As I got closer to campus, I started to see people who looked like they were dressed as joggers. But were walking around. And as I passed them, I could see many of them had medals draped around their necks. I ran by two younger women, who were holding water bottles and a bag of chips (and also had medals around their necks).

I learned later on that there was a Chicago Half Marathon going on. And many of the people I saw had finished, and were just walking back home.

Keep in mind that I wasn’t in this race, and I’m just doing my own kind of entry level training. And I’m struggling to get through the 3-5 minute intervals.

There are two kinds of people: a person who sees other runners with medals, and gets motivated at the sight; a person who sees other runners with medals, and starts cussing under their breath.

I am that second type. And with what little breath I had, I cursed every single person I came across with a medal.

It’s hilarious in hindsight, me huffing away trying to run for over 3 minutes without stopping. And everywhere around me, tons and tons of freaking people with medals around their necks, from a nearby half marathon.

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