Warehouse Liquors: Glen Scotia Tasting

Through the Chicago chapter of Drammers, Liz and I were able to sign up to attend a Glen Scotia tasting at Warehouse Liquors. We’re not official members just yet, but are able to attend various events as “Observers,” which has been pretty fun.

This was an interesting evening, as neither of us really have had much of Glen Scotia at all (though we did enjoy a Society bottle of Glen Scotia recently).

One of several accompaniments to the tasting. There’s always a nice mixture of food with the alcohol at these events (though I tried to avoid as much as I could, still trying to stay on Keto).

Tonight, we got to hear from Iain McAlister, the master distiller from Glen Scotia about the distillery, and its history/place in Campbeltown. Of note: this event was one of just five stops in the US for McAlister, and is his first trip to the US in the past ten years.

We also met a lot of folks tonight. I met Shaker, who founded several Drammers clubs in India (Bombay stood out, but there were other locations). It turns out that Shaker, along with Charlie (the founder) and Elhan and Michael… were all part of the original Chicago crew. And the group has since grown into a national organization.

Later in the evening, we were inside the actual storefront of Warehouse Liquors and met up with an older couple that was also at the event: Susan and George. We recognized one another from a prior Society event (they were also at the Franklin Room for the October Outturn)… and this was their first Drammers event.

I mentioned that Liz was part of Women Who Whiskey, and Susan perked up on hearing this… and ran over to talk more with Liz. I got to chatting a bit more with George, and learned that the two fo them have been to the Leithe and Edinburg society locations.

Liz and I both really enjoyed talking to Susan and George, and were joking that we all needed to go together to Delilah’s one of these days, to attend one of the afterparties.

Liz and I really had fun talking to Susan and George – our hope is that we see them soon at another event.

As we were standing outside, waiting for our ride home… Liz spotted a shadowy figure… running from the open lot nearby, to a trashcan. And then spotted another. And then another. Ah, Chicago. Never change.

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