Exploring Powdered Dyes

Liz had another day in the basement (or should I call it her laboratory). Today’s session involved her trying out powdered dyes – another approach to staining Douglas Fir.

Closeup of the measuring process.

The powdered dye she got from Lockwood’s. She mentioned how there were a few unknowns, and she wasn’t sure the best way to proceed with her tests. I suggested she call them, but Liz said that Google showed the company was closed. I decided to try anyway… and we got through to someone! A nice reminder that the almighty Google isn’t always right.

After a few questions, and talking through her approach… Liz left the call with a bit more confidence in her process.

Measure twice…

…mix once.

The various powdered dyes, mixed with denatured alcohol. There are a few ways to mix the dyes, and this is the more concentrated formula. Unfortunately, they need to sit for about 8 hours after mixing, before they can be used/applied.

Liz then switched to trying out another experiment, this time with Linseed paint.

She diluted it with linseed oil, and wanted to see how things looked on a (yet another) test board.

Shellac and Dyes

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