Testing the Powdered Dyes

After mixing up concentrated solutions of various powdered dyes… Liz then mixed each one with a base shellac (something she’s using as a control). With these new mixtures, she extended her test board to add a few more variations.

Liz, evaluating. This is a different board, and one she referred to as her “House of Fun”. A lot of random approaches, mostly done on a whim to see what might happen.

A few more tests with linseed paint.

The “House of Fun,” in detail.

I… no longer know what I’m looking at anymore.

Liz has so many different tests, with so many different products… I’m having a hard time keeping it all straight. When she gives me a recap of what she’s done, I tend to have to ask a lot of basic questions, to try to catch up.

It’s a lot of testing, it’s a lot of variations. It’s all kinds of impressive.

Exploring Powdered Dyes
Shellacs and Dyes

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