Halloween 2023: Work Continues

Liz was a champ this morning, as she fought against sleeping in and instead got up early so we could hit some errands on the North side.

We were doing the trifecta: JoAnn Fabrics, Home Depot, and Target. We figured Logan Square would be a good spot, since these three locations are very close to one another… and decided to make a morning of it, and to show up for brunch at Lula’s around 9AM.

A brief selfie. I’ve actually been inside several Joann Fabric locations in the last week, and my quota has definitely been met.

Back at home, I spent the afternoon drinking coffee and prepping a “test” board. I cut another opening in a spare piece of plywood… and started to apply some of the materials we purchased.

First up – Liz got a few squares of thin foam board. I doubled these up to make an opening, and was able to pin it down with a few strips of masonite.

View from the front. Worth noting: I feel much more confident with the jigsaw, and have figured out how I can get more control out of the thing. While I still have more practice ahead of me, I was wishing for another attempt at cutting our arbor arches. Feel like I would do a better job today, versus back then.

Approach #2 involved a more prominent 1″ bit of foam, along with a darker bit of fabric to hide the neon green color. Same approach to affixing it: two strips of masonite seemed to do the trick.

View from the front. It’s a bit stiff, but I like/prefer the feel of more material as you’re trying to put your hand into this thing.

So. I spent a lot of the day in the basement, working with these supplies. And it seems like all I did was make a few prototypes of Halloween anuses. Because let’s be honest, this is what they look like.

The final product is… forthcoming. Ironing out the details, but hopefully should be coming together soon.

As dusk came about, Liz and I decided to set up in the backyard and had a little fire. The temperatures are dropping, and we won’t have too many more days of doing this… so we took advantage.

As we were warming up, we noticed a small visitor/friend (who came to nibble on some of the roses in the yard).

Closeup photo.

Surprisingly, this guy came very close to us. We did our best to not spook him, and enjoyed his presence while we were enjoying our fire. Liz and I were enjoying a dram as the sun set, and I did try to offer our bunny visitor a drink… but no luck. I’m not sure if rabbits drink whisky, but I’m betting if they did… they’d drink Bunnahabhain.

Halloween 2023: Work Begins
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