20×2 in Wrigleyville, Dinner at Daisies

An earlier 20×2 at GMan Tavern, with our start at 3PM. I wasn’t sure of the crowd, but we had a really decent showing of folks. Andrew kicking off the show (tonight’s prompt was “Did You Hear that?”).

I have a preference of going early, mostly because I get nervous. And until I finish my presentation, I’ll be preoccupied. Going early means I can get done earlier, and enjoy everyone else’s answers.

Today, I went really early – first!

Andrew, holding a shot of liquor that was presented to him by Edward Moses (also a participant in tonight’s event).

I secretly love that this happened. I want to say it started with the Kazoos back in 2018, and more recently with the ping pong balls in 2023.

I wonder if proffering liquor to Andrew will become a ritual.

Andrew, taking some group photos with the crowd.

Post event, Liz and I trekked over to Logan Square for dinner at Daisies. It’s a favorite place of ours that we don’t visit often (they moved to a newer location on Milwaukee Ave)… but always enjoy ourselves, when we do visit.

My lovely dinner date.

I think Liz ordered the Scarpetta (Bourbon, Mirto, Berry,
Lemon, Egg White), along with the Rigatoni (nduja, lemon breadcrumbs, fermented tomato).

I had a glass of Pinot Noir, along with the Stracci (lamb sugo, soft herbs, pecorino).

After dinner, we got some dessert and coffee. Liz had an Oatmeal Cream Pie, along with an Affogato (her favorite).

I got the Sour Cream Pie (oatmeal cookie, whiskey raisins, mascarpone, burnt cinnamon) along with the a lovely cup of coffee.

Usually, the 20×2 events are late night affairs… with us catching a very late dinner somewhere. But tonight was a very early night, with us finishing closer to 5PM and heading to dinner closer to 6PM.

A lovely night out and about. Keep an eye out for videos from this event, which I’ll post as soon as they’re available.

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