I Appear to Be Spamming Myself

Recently, I started getting emails from the Washington Post. I think someone (also named Felix Jung) used a variation of my email address… and signed up for online access to the newspaper.

A quick tech segue/reminder: gmail ignores special characters. So for my email (which is felixjung@gmail.com)… if you insert a space anywhere in that address… I’ll still receive it. I’ve gotten a lot of email for felix.jung@gmail.com. And if you write a message and send it to f.e.l.i.x.j.u.n.g@gmail.com… I’ll also get that too.

But back to this other Felix. I’m not sure exactly what’s happened, but I started to get emails from the Washington Post a week or so back. And they’ve been coming in, steadily.

I can’t tell if the other Felix actually paid for a subscription, or if they just signed up and registered. Part of me wonders if I should try to rectify things – to try to log into the account and remove payments or something. But that would mean I’d need to reset the password, and “take over” the account, and that feels all kinds of sketch.

For now, I’ve just been ignoring the emails. But I’m now needing to actively unsubscribe… because they’re just too frequent, and are starting to get annoying.

Most of the spam/email I get from other Felix Jungs tends to in German. Interesting that whoever (or wherever) this other Felix is, they’re interested in a US-based service.

Online identity. It’s super weird.

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