Travel Day, Chicago to Whitehall

Last year when we made the trek to Michigan for Thanksgiving, there was an unseasonable amount of snow that made our travels difficult. This year, we left a bit earlier in the day… aiming to get our travels done while the sun was up.

The time change doesn’t help. But we were able to cover most of our miles under the sun. We pulled into a Meijer’s closer to 5PM, and made decent time there while stocking up on supplies.

A few fun notes: I’m On Call this week, and thankfully no pages came through while I was driving. But one did pop up while we were in the Meijer’s, so I had to leave Liz to shopping on her own while I logged into DataDog while sitting on a bench by the Produce Section.

Despite the size of the store, Liz noted that several items were starting to look low. And it seems that shopping for Thanksgiving had already begun in earnest.

We got to the lakehouse closer to 7:00 PM, and this definitely qualifies for one of our earlier trips. We tend to show up closer to 10:30PM or 11PM, and that’s just rough all around. Tonight, we unloaded the car fairly quickly and were able to settle in (and even cook dinner) at a leisurely pace.

[photo via Patrick Tomasso]

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