Evening Walk to the Lake

Liz and I have mostly spent our days relaxing at the lakehouse, working during the days, watching movies on the couch in the evenings. It’s been pretty sedentary for us.

Today, after work, we made it a point to throw on our coats and head out. Liz had run a few errands earlier in the day, and the overall temps were fairly mild. She described it as a “very Fall day,” and so we decided to take advantage.

There’s a pathway just North of the house, that leads up a hill and winds around several houses that look out over the lake.

After a certain point, the path just stops. Literally Where the Sidewalk Ends.

We trekked further, and took some stairs down towards the lake. Spotted this private path that we decided to venture down.

I didn’t catch it at the time, but this is an incredibly scenic shot of Liz, approaching the dunes before the beach. I was reminded very much of the sheep we spotted near Glenturret in Scotland, where the photograph almost framed itself.

A lovely view in the space between the houses and the beach.

Was reminded a lot of Scotland, actually.

Liz, along the path.

Walking towards the beach.

Sunset, along the beach.

Looking back to the path.

Along the beach, where the sand revealed past tracks and the wind worked to erase them all.

Looking towards the pier.

At the entrance to White Lake, that leads to Lake Michigan.

Believe it or not, there were multiple fisherman out here. And we passed two more who were walking in, as we were walking out.

If you’re curious, here’s the view from the water.

On our way home, we spotted a lot of ducks and swans… who immediately swam away from me, when I tried to get closer for a photograph.

A lot of the docks, removed from the water, waiting on land. They’ll sleep here through the winter, and wait to be redeposited when the waters warm.

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