Lazy Day

No big plans today. There was talk of going out, but we collectively decided to just loaf around the house and relax. And chose inactivity over activity, which feels like a very Thanksgiving weekend thing to do.

We had a few board games to choose from, but not a lot of takers. Liz, Anne, and I ended up breaking out a set of dominoes because both Liz and I hadn’t really played much.

A bit later on in the evening. I realized I hadn’t gotten any photos of Sandy, who continues to be the best dog ever. For a good part of our stay, she was curled up in her bed in front of the fireplace. Which, let’s be honest… if I could get away with doing something like that, I’d do that all week long.

In the evening, we ended up lazing on the couch and watching a movie together. I had a set of movie suggestions, all based around a theme of “family dysfunction”:

Crazy Rich Asians
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Polite Society

We watched a few trailers, and Polite Society ended up winning out (none of us had seen it yet).

I have to say – it was incredibly fun to watch, and exceeded expectations. It was like a 70’s Kung Fu movie, that had a Wes Anderson vibe. And some of the absolute best, most excellent cussing I’ve heard in a long, long while.

Lena has been brainwashed by this wife-hunting maniac who’s chosen her to be his trophy bride. And she is too sad and mind-shat to see what is going on.

A favorite moment of mine: the main character (Priya) and her friends have this “handshake” that they do. It’s an involved sequence of movements, and each time they do it… they’re alone. But a moment later, their classmates walk in on them – notably, a girl named Edith who then says “You’re such virgins.” And it causes Priya’s friend Clara to use the word “slag” to hilarious effect.

It’s not the greatest video, but here’s what I’m talking about.

And here’s the official trailer. We had a blast watching this movie, and I think you will too:

Worth noting: after watching the movie, we discussed how this movie most definitely passes the Bechdel test better than most.

Tonight, we ended up staying up pretty late chatting with Grace. Overall, I think this has been the template for our time at the lakehouse. Invariably, we do some things together as a group. And towards the later part of the evening, either Jackson or Grace hang out with us after everyone else has gone to bed.

It makes for some late evenings, but I definitely enjoy the conversations we get to have during these moments.

Game Night, Late Night
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