Baby Bunnies

Stopped in to pick up Daisy and Hugo, at Liz Rench’s place. While there, I got the chance to visit with some very small and very adorable baby bunnies.

My phone wasn’t doing so well with these shots. You’ll just have to take my word that for as cute as these look here, they were 100x cuter in person.

Several bunnies hopped on top of this small box… almost as if they were expecting to be picked up.

Liz gave me one of the bunnies to hold, and it more or less fit into the cup of my hand. It was incredibly docile and seemed calm (as opposed to me, who felt a little nervous it would try to jump away).

So many small, cute bunnies. They were all running around and there was definitely nonstop eating.

Bunny Night Visit
Discovering a Warren of Baby Rabbits in the Backyard, Frankfort, IL

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