New Bedroom Windows

While we were in Michigan, Bob was able to install both windows in our bedroom. It’s a bit mind-boggling to me, when I imagine how much he must have had to go up/down the scaffold for this – but we arrived home to see our bedroom in an entirely new light – quite literally so.

In the evening, it’s difficult to remember that we now have a window – and need to pull the curtains closed. The building next door is incredibly close, so while we now have a view out of the bedroom… we need to worry a bit about the view in.

Liz, breaking out a roll of Oakum.

This stuff has a pretty strong and distinctive odor. Normally, it would get hidden behind interior trim, but that’s something we’re still waiting on. So now, our bedroom smells like a smoke-filled Captain’s quarter, on a pirate ship.

Sealing up the window edges.

Bedroom Window Prep
An Unexpectedly Long Day

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