Sneaky Cat

A few nights ago, Liz and I heard this very loud wailing outside our bedroom window. It sounded like an animal in some distress. It was walking slowly down our driveway, and seemed to eventually recede. Liz was concerned for its welfare, and I made a promise to investigate more if we heard it again.

This morning, we heard the same sound again. A kind of low wailing, almost as though it were calling out for people. I was able to pinpoint the sound, and got a photo of a cat sitting on our back porch.

The cat looked to be a good shape, and a lot bigger than I would expect of a stray. Perhaps someone lost an indoor cat, and this guy was trying to find his home again? He definitely seemed like an indoor cat of some sort.

I took this photo and started to write an email to our neighborhood block… in the hopes that someone might know if anyone nearby lost their cat. I then had the bright idea to search our email archives, and found a message from a year ago mentioning this very cat. Who was just walking around, and making a lot of wailing noises.

So it’s definitely someone’s cat. But it’s in no way in distress, and probably just trying to work up a free meal or snack. Given his size, and the reports of similar shenanigans from a year ago… I think he’s just fine. Pretty sneaky though, almost got us.

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