Bob’s 70th Birthday, GT Prime Steakhouse

Several of us gathered downtown tonight to celebrate Bob’s 70th birthday, at GT Prime Steakhouse. In attendance was Bob and Julie, me and Liz, Katie and Tim, and also Tim’s sister Jenny.

We had drinks to begin the night, and also a few appetizers. And I was pretty impressed with the appetizers, as nearly everything I tried ended up in a bit of a conversation.

There was a beef tartare (something I try, but not necessarily something I seek out). And it had mustard seeds with it, that added this surprisingly sweet, citrus note to the beef. We also had some truffle tater tots that were quite exceptional. I could see having a meal just with the appetizers alone.

Well, I said could. I did end up getting a steak (which was delicious).

Still passing around the appetizers.

A lot of my photos were pretty blurry, as it was low light (and I was also preoccupied with eating). Also, half of our table was seated along a long bench, lined with cushions. It was comfortable, but you sunk into it in a way that made it extremely difficult to stand back up again. Should have asked our waiter to take a group photo.

Katie and Bob, over dessert.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

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