The Annual Fruitcake Redelivery

This is a silly story, worth documenting on the blog. Every year around now, a package arrives at our door. It’s addressed to our neighbor, Mark O, across the street. It’s from one of his cousins, who wrote down his address incorrectly – and it shows up at our house. The package contains a fruitcake.

This happened a few years ago, maybe 4 years ago or so? And while Mark attempted to correct the address mishap, each year around this time a fruitcake arrives… right on schedule. And Liz and I chuckle, and we walk it over to Mark to redeliver the gift.

At this point, it’s happened so much that I actually look forward to the package arriving – just so that we have a chance to walk over, say hello, and drop off the misdelivered fruitcake.

Each year, we knock on the door – and each year, Mark opens the door and has a quizzical look on his face. And then as we stand there for a beat or two, it registers why we’re there and you see his face go into his palm. It’s a great tradition, and something Liz and I both enjoy tremendously.

I think this year, I was adamant that he not try to correct the address. We feel very lucky to have such great neighbors on the block, and this small moment each year just adds to that sense of community. It’s a mistake and an error, but we’ve turned it into a tradition. And one I hope to continue for a long, long while.

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